The Starship Entertainment agency made an announcement that shocked MONSTA X fans.

Through an official announcement released on Monday (04/05), Starship Entertainment said that they would postpone the release of the mini album ‘FANTASIA X’ due to the injury suffered by Shownu.

As they wrote, “We apologize for having to make a sudden announcement, that there will be a delay in the release of the mini album MONSTA X titled” FANTASIA X “.”

“Recently, Shownu experienced pain in his back while practicing choreography in preparation for a comeback. He was immediately taken to the hospital to undergo an examination. Based on the results of the examination, Shownu must avoid extreme activities and movements in order to undergo treatment and physiotherapy so that he can recover soon. ”

“At the moment, Shownu is undergoing routine maintenance and his condition is getting better. However, it has been decided that MONSTA X’s comeback schedule can disrupt his recovery period. And after undergoing an examination to get an accurate assessment, Shownu was advised to rest for much longer. ”

“Because we wanted to prioritize the condition of our artists, we finally decided to postpone the release of the album ‘FANTASIA X’ by considering Shownu’s condition and future activities.”

“The album” FANTASIA X “which was originally released on May 11, 2020 will be postponed until May 26, 2020. Further notice of the content release will be announced again after everything is set.”

“Once again we want to sincerely apologize and ask for understanding from all of you who have been waiting for the MONSTA X comeback,” the agency concluded.

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We wish you a speedy recovery and return to Shownu activities!


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