The Sigma fp L mirrorless camera model stands out with its 61MP full frame sensor as well as its small size. Sigma fp L mirrorless camera features and price in our news.

Sigma, one of the leading names in the photography world; Announces a record-breaking mirrorless camera for those who value compact size. The Sigma fp L claims the smallest mirrorless single lens camera. Moreover, the sensor is also ambitious.

What does Sigma fp L offer?
The Sigma fp L mirrorless camera model has a 61MP resolution full frame sensor. The fp L model, which has one of the highest resolution full frame sensors on the market, offers high sensitivity with its hybrid phase detection auto focus feature. Focus can also track objects in photos and videos.

4K 30fps video recording can be performed in 8-bit inside the body, as 12-bit CinemaDNG on external SSDs or in RAW format on external recording devices. Real 249 video and DCI 4K shooting to external recorder only are among the extras.

The Sigma fp L model, which has features such as the body web camera support, which is charged via USB Type-C, and 5x crop focus zoom, comes with an optional viewfinder. The EVF-11 OLED viewfinder has 3.69 million dots and can be tilted 90 degrees. The Sigma fp L body is $ 2499 and those who want the visor have to pay an extra $ 699.


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