Signal and WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, have been competing with each other for years. Signal stopped and shot.


WhatsApp, which lost millions of users to applications such as Signal and Telegram towards the end of 2020 with its privacy policy, is currently working on new updates. The messaging application, which will collect the situation with the updates it will receive and look for ways to regain its users, did not pass the mother’s day. The application, which released a special sticker package on the occasion of the mother’s day, seems to continue to lose blood against its competitors. The application, which tries to take on a more secure structure against its competitors, seems to be in vain.

Almost all of the messaging applications on the market continue to be broadcast free of charge. Applications that differ from each other with features and security gained many users after WhatsApp’s scandalous privacy policy. Telegram in particular has acquired 100 million new users.

Outperforms WhatsApp in Signal Display Quality

As you know, we send and receive dozens of pictures every day in the chat area. While purchasing a new product, dyeing our hair, or buying a car, constantly shopping for photos is part of our daily life. Many applications, including WhatsApp, compress and degrade the picture we send in the chat area. However, Signal started to show its difference in this regard. The popular messaging application offered its users the option to send higher resolution images. Considering its users who do not want to spoil the quality, the application introduced the option to send 4K pictures. With this aspect, the application that surpasses WhatsApp will make users smile. Users who want to use the feature tested with Beta V5.11.0 can send the picture in 4K via the options displayed on the screen after selecting the picture.


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