To provide more options to its users, the private messaging app Signal has added a new payment feature called MobileCoin (MOB).


The new payment feature is based on Stellar (XLM) blockchain technology. It protects users’ privacy while working efficiently with different mobile devices.

Some users may feel that the launch of the new feature is delayed, given the rumors that when Facebook launched Libra it will be rolled back in 2019.


The new feature is only available for UK users

High speed privacy payment feature will allow users to send cryptocurrencies privately to other users. However, according to the firm, the feature is only available to UK users for now.

MobileCoin is available on iOS and Android platforms. It also offers support for MobileCoin’s MOB cryptocurrency, which is specifically designed for use on smartphones.

In January, Signal was planning to make a private crypto payment system. Signal’s head of growth and communications, Jun Harada, commented on the new feature.

He stated that the company’s goal is always to give users full control of their data. With the MobileScan design, users now have full access to their account balances, funds and full transaction history.

Also, if you want to switch to another app or service, you can transfer your money at any time.


MobileScan will increase users privacy

Marlinspike, CEO of Signal Moxie, also commented on the new feature that offers more convenience for users.

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He described Signal’s new payment feature as a way to extend the company’s privacy protections with payments with the same seamless experience offered for other encrypted calls.

He added that some payment features added to other messaging apps link users’ bank accounts. But what the company has achieved with MobileScan is to provide a way to send money to a user so that only the sender and recipient can track or monitor the transaction.


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