Reacting to WhatsApp’s privacy policy, users continue to switch to WhatsApp alternative apps.Reaction to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy continues to grow.

WhatsApp, which was recently investigated by the Competition Authority, is also bleeding against serious competitors such as Signal and Telegram.

After the recent developments, we observe that users who have turned to WhatsApp alternative applications have recently turned to applications such as Telegram and Signal.

In fact, in the reports published in this section, we see that the Signal application is the most downloaded application in the application stores in USA, UK, Germany, Lebanon and France. At the same time, we observe that the messaging application in question managed to rank among the top three in countries such as India, Brazil and Singapore as a result of the reactions to WhatsApp.

As you know, after WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, many important names announced that they would delete WhatsApp and switch to another application. Elon Musk was among these names. Elon Musk, who evaluated the developments, stated that he would use the Signal application.

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