Signal is coming to its latest beta version with a payment feature called “Signal Payments”.Encrypted chat app Signal rolled out a heap of features for the app in January, with updates.

The app now brings a new financial feature called Signal Payments. The new feature was introduced to users with the beta version of the application. Users of the application that will use MobileCoin will be able to connect a MobileCoin wallet to their chat account to send and receive money, view balance and transaction history.

Renowned for its emphasis on privacy, Signal ensures that Payments feature focuses on privacy. Signal notes that users cannot access their wallets, view their transaction history, or view their balances, and takes action accordingly. In addition, users can exchange the cryptocurrencies in their MobileCoin wallet with real exchange rates whenever they want, if they do not like and do not want to use the feature after trying the feature.

Let’s say that the crypto currency MobileCoin can only be traded on a UK-based stock exchange. This shows us that the trial version of this feature will only be available for the UK. However, it is thought that the new feature of the application will soon be used in other global exchanges. In order to achieve this, Signal can make it possible to use different cryptocurrencies through the application. However, there is no official statement on this issue yet, and we have no choice but to wait to see the truth.


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