As reported by the Glassnode analytics firm, on-chain ETH data on Ethereum wallets show several key peaks achieved today on January 9.


The number of ETH whales is increasing

According to a recent tweet by Glassnode, the amount of ETH wallets holding 10,000 ETH or more skyrocketed.

The number of ETH 10,000+ wallets reached a one-year high of 1,097, the highest seen on January 7 two days ago.

The number of non-zero ETH wallets is also increasing

Another record for ETH wallets reported by Glassnode is that the amount of non-zero ETH addresses reached an all-time high and now totals 52,076,882.

This can mean both the entry of new ETH holders into the ecosystem and the distribution of ETH to new wallets by users.

Now a new wave of interest has emerged from both individual and institutional investors; Ethereum revisited the $ 1,270 level (for the first time since January 2018), which is only $ 50 away from the all-time high reached in early 2018.

At the time of writing, the second largest cryptocurrency is trading in the soaring $ 1,225 zone, with Bitcoin reaching an all-time high of over $ 42,000 earlier this week.


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