According to Video Games Chronicle sources, a Silent Hill game is currently being worked on and is scheduled to be announced this summer. You can find the details in our news.

The rumors about the new game of Silent Hill, which is one of the biggest brands in the game world and has a special place for horror game lovers, started to increase. In fact, the rumors are that not one, but two different Silent Hill games have been developed.

A new Silent Hill rumor has emerged recently, after VGC shared the sensations it received from its sources. Rumor has it that Konami has handed over the new Silent Hill game to a leading Japanese developer, and the announcement will be made this summer. In support of this rumor, Akira Yamaoka, the musician of Silent Hill last week, said that he could talk about the new game he is working on this summer. He said that the game he is working on is a game that players are eagerly awaiting.

Apart from this rumor, it was announced that the Bloober Team, the developer of the game called The Medium, has also developed a new game and is working with a major publisher for this game. Akira Yamaoka had also made the music for The Medium. The players combined this information and began to think that the Bloober Team is currently working on another Silent Hill game. So, according to rumors, there are two different Silent Hill games in development. We think we will not find out the truth of these rumors until we write.

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