Ross Ulbricht, the Bitcoin (BTC) pioneer and living legend of the crypto community, published the concept of the decentralized media system.



Ross William Ulbricht, an American software engineer, was sentenced to double life imprisonment for allegedly running the pioneering darknet market Silk Road in 2011-2013. He is an iconic figure for early Bitcoin users. Despite being offline for eight years, he is still interested in the ideas and practices of decentralization. The revolutionary concept of decentralized social media appeared on Medium today.

Meet the decentralized social protocol (DSP)

Ulbricht emphasizes that the essence of decentralization in social media is that users must have control over their data throughout the entire process of interacting with the platform. Meanwhile, tech giants in pursuit of profit have created platform-centric systems.

As a result, users “feed” tech giants both their content and the clicks required to earn advertisers’ money. They have ossified this functioning thanks to their control under the platforms, content servers and content delivery mechanisms.

To reconsider the current order, new generation social media systems must be user-centric. Therefore, new components – interface providers – must be introduced as users pay for access to content and get paid for their clicks.

While the user-centric model of “fair” content distribution is not new to decentralized media services, Ulbricht shares a number of recommendations on what this platform will need in order to work reliably in practice.


How does DSP work in practice?

First, the platform should be agnostic in terms of content type: videos, text messages and photos should be supported equally. Then access to content must be encrypted; an asymmetric password is a better type of protection.

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Unlike most existing platforms, Ulbricht’s DSP takes care of the content of the messages. “This option should be adjustable,” Ulbricht thinks:

For example, if someone “likes” your content on a Twitter-style website and someone else “likes” on a Facebook-style site, everyone who views your content will see two likes, no matter what site they are using.

User profiles (accounts) can be managed with key pairs such as cryptocurrency wallets. Also, digital currency can be the technical environment for fees on platforms like DSP.


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