With the decrease in SSD prices, the number of people who want to carry their drivers with them continues to increase. SilverStone detailed the high performance NVMe box.

After external HDDs, it is time for NVMe SSDs to enter the boxes. Options targeting those who want to benefit from high performance storage options wherever they go are increasing.

Up to 2 GB / s transfer possible with ASM2364
Thanks to SilverStone’s MS12 external NVMe enclosure, the solid state drive using the PCIe interface can become portable. Communication between the PCIe interface of the NVMe SSD and the USB 3.2 2×2 interface in the USB Type-C format is ensured with ASMedia’s ASM2364 bridge chip in MS12, which can transfer up to 2 GB / s.

NVMe solutions with dimensions of 22 x 80 mm, 22 x 60 mm, and 22 x 42 mm can be used in the aluminum box, which also acts as a heat distributor.

In addition, thanks to the blue LED on the box, the status of data transfer can be monitored as well as whether there is a connection. Finally, the enclosure that supports BOT, UAS protocol and Trim command sets has not yet been priced.


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