Junkyard Simulator, the simulation game that you are trying to own the largest junkyard, has been announced for mobile devices. You can find the details in our news.

The new simulation game Junkyard Builder, which was published and developed by PlayWay SA and Freemind Games, which previously made many “different” simulation games, has been announced.

In Junkyard Builder, you will basically try to own the largest junkyard. You will clean, refurbish or rebuild and trade the items you find in the game, thus earning more money and growing your junkyard. You will be able to profit from every piece of scrap you see. The main goal of the game is to profit from every item you can find and to make it sustainable.

The announcement of the game was made with a video recently, but no release date was given. However, it was also said that it will be released soon. So we can expect it to come out in 1, 2 months. Let us remind you that the game will be published for iOS and Android devices.

Likewise, there is no detailed information about the game because a store page of the game is not opened. You can find the video for the game below.


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