With a new update from Apple to iOS 14.5, the voice assistant Siri will no longer be used with a female voice by default. The company has added two new voice options to Siri.

It has been reported that Siri, Apple’s proprietary voice assistant, will no longer have a female voice by default. The change became available with the release of the sixth beta version of iOS 14.5 on March 31.

Default sound can be selected during the setup phase
Therefore, when the latest update is installed on their devices by all users, iPhone and iPad owners will be prompted to independently select a male or female Siri voice during device setup. Recall that earlier, voice assistant Siri spoke to a female voice by default, and to change that, after that, it was necessary to go to settings.

According to incoming information, Apple has added two completely new voices for the Siri assistant. It is stated that these conversations sound more natural, thanks to the expressions produced in real time. However, let’s also say that the new voices only support English. This innovation by Apple is another example of how big tech companies are trying to break out of any gender relationship in their digital voice assistants.


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