Slack app has been updated for iOS, one of the in-group communication apps, made design changes in Android and Web versions. Now it has been completely updated for iOS.

Offering message and file sharing and video conferencing features that enable communication between teams, Slack published significant changes in the web version in April.

Slack updated from top to bottom for iOS
After the web version, the company came to iPhone for the company, which presented the same design changes in the Android application. It appears that a navigation bar at the bottom of the application is placed in the update notes. Especially in iOS operating system, making some transitions with swipe makes this feature more effective.

You have updated the Slack app, which is available in the App Store, but if you can’t access these features, you don’t have to worry. It is noted that the new design will be activated for all users in order in Slack iOS application notes.

In the statement of the update notes; “In the previous version, it was extremely complicated for people to access the four main features that they used in Slack’s mobile app. We fixed this complexity by adding a new navigation bar at the bottom of the app. This bar contains the ‘Home Screen’, the personal bar, ‘DMs’, which allows you to chat or channel transitions, normally located on the left side of the screen, ‘Mention’ that show where people are tagging you, and ‘You’ tabs where you can access your current status and preferences much more easily. . ” Includes information.


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