Slack recently announced Connect, a new feature of the service that is focused on external communication. While the conventional features of the solution aim to improve communication between employees, the novelty promises to replace email and connect different businesses directly through the platform.

Slack Connect makes it possible to concentrate up to 20 companies in one channel. Currently, the function allows a secure connection between different companies to share messages and documents through channels, but other tools will arrive in the future.

One of the new features that will be present on Slack Connect in the next updates is the synchronization of calendars. The function promises to make life easier for employees who need to make appointments with different companies, as it will cross schedules to find windows of free time among people.

Substitute for email?

According to Slack, Connect has been in development for 4 years and is part of an ambitious company plan: to promote a new form of communication between companies. The company believes that the solution may replace good old e-mail in the corporate field in the future, by adding more intelligent functions to the user experience.

“Our goal since the company was founded 6 and a half years ago, has been: how can we replace email not only within a company, but also between companies?” Says Slack CFO Allen Shim in an interview to MarketWatch. “It is an advance in collaboration resources for companies and a vector for future growth.”

In addition to facilitating information sharing, the company estimates that Connect should improve companies’ security. According to Slack, employees who communicate via email typically migrate important conversations to messaging apps like WhatsApp, which can put important data at risk.

Connect intends to keep all business information on a single platform, ensuring control for the company. Slack also states that shared channels will have access keys and, once a firm decides to leave the shared environment, all of its data will be made private to other participants.

The new functionality of Slack has started to be released for users of the premium version of the platform, but Connect should also be launched in the future for those who use the free edition of the service.


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