The video platform, where people have been spending more and more time lately, has released a new feature for YouTube, Android and iOS. This feature directs users to go to sleep.

After the coronavirus epidemic, people started watching something to spend time. YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing platform, has also added to its popularity in this process. On the other hand, we are more likely to be dragged from there by saying “Another video” in our case. YouTube; it will now expand its screen time management and digital health features, and alert its users when it’s time to go to sleep.

‘Come to sleep’
Spending time in front of the screen for long hours can seriously disrupt people’s sleep patterns. Thanks to the new feature, users can add a sleep reminder to prevent sleep patterns.

People using the new feature can also choose when to remind YouTube. The warning can either split the video you are watching or appear on the screen when the video ends. If you want to continue watching other videos, you can skip the warning.

In a sense, the new feature of YouTube will be a digital and customizable version of the “Let’s go to sleep” campaign that we remember from TV. The application will not have a sanction effect on our behaviors and will give advice.

YouTube cares about health:
In the past, YouTube has released several health-focused features. In the past few years, many features such as seeing our daily viewing time, daily single video notification and timed break reminders have been put into service for the users of the platform to live a healthier life.

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The sleep time reminder, the latest product of these studies, started to be used on iPhones and phones with Android operating system starting today. YouTube will make the feature available to all users in the next few days.

Many companies have been working on health in recent years. Digital health is among the most important public health issues in today’s world, where people are more and more informative and digital.


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