Bitcoins, which had been sleeping for more than a decade, started to move. 1,000 Bitcoin transfers, exceeding $ 39 million today, follow the last 1,000-unit sequence transferred on the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin’s formation block launch.


Another 1,000 Bitcoins in action on the 12th anniversary

Seven days ago, a former miner spent about 1,000 ten-year Bitcoins. The interesting spending occurred on January 3, 2021, on the 12th anniversary of the start of the Bitcoin network.

Following this series of 2010 block rewards, another block was spent on Friday, January 8th, created on June 21, 2010, and was probably a different entity from the mysterious miner news. However, two days after the single block spending, the mysterious miner once again spent a massive 1,000 ten-year BTC fund that had been idle for ten years.

On Sunday, at 01:08 (EST), the 20 block reward n abbreviated “3Fwhd” was transferred. The consolidation address that once exceeded $ 39 million using 999,999 BTC or today’s exchange rates indicates that cryptocurrencies are sent to multiple addresses.

Like the previous series of 2010 block awards that were transferred on the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies were divided into shares of 10 BTC per address. In this transfer, there are Bitcoin addresses holding 10 BTC worth roughly 395 thousand dollars. Presumably today, 10 BTC addresses will also be emptied, similar to previous series of 2010 spending.

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As usual, the mystery miner Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has also spent block rewards. Like the last few series moves of the 2010 block rewards, Bitcoin SV (BSV) remained unspent. Similar to the previous decade’s 20-block series spending, the current 1,000 Bitcoins movement originated from blocks mined in August, September and October 2010.


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