SM Entertainment will take legal actions against malicious rumors recently related to NCT127 leader Taeyong.

In October 2019, a high school student with Taeyong (NCT 127) accused the male singer of disparaging the appearance of a girl during school time. Taeyong has received a lot of criticism from the online community for this behavior. Afterwards, the singer met face-to-face and apologized as well as compensation for the damage caused to the female friend.

However, not stopping there, this person also gave many false information, distorted the incident, damaging the honor and image of Taeyong.

Recently, Taeyong’s agency, SM Entertainment, announced that it would take strong legal actions to combat malicious rumors involving the male singer.

Specifically, the company said, “If the malicious articles about Taeyong continue to spread, we will not ignore and will take strong legal action to combat the defamation.

Taeyong honestly apologized to the victim and compensated for the injuries related to his mistakes in the past. However, the person standing on behalf of the victim continued to make one-sided statements that distorted the truth and exaggerated to attack Taeyong. Taeyong himself patiently endured this incident to avoid damaging his former classmates. But the situation is out of control, we cannot continue to be tolerant and have to protect our artists. ”

SM also urged fans and online community to stop any illegal acts such as posting or spreading rumors, leaving malicious comments or invading privacy.


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