The smart bird feeder named Bird Buddy provides you with important information about birds with its special camera and recognition algorithms. You can also record.

Camera equipment is a common issue to ensure security for homes with gardens. A Slovenian entrepreneur has developed a smart bird feeder project by combining camera and artificial intelligence systems.

What is Bird Buddy?
The fundraising project on Kickstarter called Bird Buddy; It took the bird feeder concept we know and turned it into a smart screening system. For this, a wireless camera and artificial intelligence systems in the background have been combined.

There is a wireless camera in the middle of the project, which looks like a mini bird feeder with a roof. When the birds are placed in this feeder, they are in line with the camera. Artificial intelligence detects the bird and warns the user and starts broadcasting.

If the user wishes, they can save and archive it. The system also detects the chirping of the bird, alerts the user and makes a comparison in the database. Then he can tell which species it belongs to.

The product, which has a 5MP resolution camera, can record 720p video. The 6040mAh battery offers long usage times and connects via WiFi and Bluetooth. Besides the microphone, there are motion and accelerometer sensors.

Bird Buddy has raised $ 3.2 million in donations, which will be distributed for $ 171 donations, and it still has a long time to complete. Bird Buddy, which is expected to reach one of the highest donation amounts in the last period, will start distribution in the autumn.

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