Xiaomi introduced its smart pillow with massage and wake-up features aimed at users suffering from back and neck pain. The purpose of the LEGA AI pillow is to have a comfortable sleep.

Back pain used to be a problem for the elderly, but nowadays young and middle-aged people also suffer from back and neck pain. According to studies, 40% of patients with cervical spondylosis are under the age of 30.

Youpin, Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, introduced a smart sleep pillow with massage function to remedy the pain of those suffering from back pain. The price of the LEGA AI pillow, which is in the crowdfunding phase, is $ 46.

Waking up gently in the morning
The smart pillow has four massage modes: deep stretching, neck massage, relaxing sleep and morning waking. With these functions, LEGA AI allows users to relax their neck spine, give them a neck massage, and adjust the optimum temperature for better sleep.

The pillow also has a smart wake up function. Users can set the wake-up time via the Mijia application. LEGA AI gently awakens the user with up and down movements when the time comes. The smart pillow is also compatible with XiaoAi, Xiaomi’s voice assistant.

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