Garmin, one of the assertive brands in the smart watch market, is preparing to appear with different products. The brand, which came up with a very ambitious new smart watch, greets its fans with the renewed version of the Fenix ​​6 model, Garmin Enduro.



Both models, which look almost the same in design, can be distinguished from each other with color and band options. The charging problem, which is the biggest problem of today, is not present in this smart watch. We say no because this smart watch can fully benefit from solar energy with its special glass.

Thanks to this technology called Power Glass, the smart watch, which can be charged from solar energy, can last up to 65 days without charging. Garmin Enduro can be used for 300 hours in Max Battery mode and offers 80 hours in GPS mode.

Details such as the battery capacity or the processor used by the smart watch, which has a 1.4-inch size 280 × 280 pixel resolution OLED display, have not been disclosed. Enduro, which can work with iOS and Android devices, is offered for sale with a price tag of $ 799. It is currently unknown whether the model will be officially sold in our country.

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