According to CarNewsChina’s report, Oppo CEO Tony Chen started to do the necessary research for the electric car market with his team. But the details of the project are not yet clear.

Recently, we have heard the names of technology giants in the automotive world frequently. After names like Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei, it’s time for Oppo. Chinese sources state that the company is preparing to enter the electric vehicle market.

Oppo, also known in our country, operates as a subsidiary of BBK Electronics, which is known as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. According to the report of CarNewsChina, the company intends to develop an electric car that bears its name. According to a person close to Oppo’s co-founder and CEO Tony Chen, the company is conducting research into making cars, but the project is yet to be officially shared.

According to the report, Chen himself is the head of Oppo’s project to enter the electric car market. It is stated that Chen and his team have been looking for resources for the breakthrough in recent weeks and hiring talented names in the industry. On the other hand, Oppo has not yet confirmed these news. But Tony Chen’s statement, “We will focus on areas where Oppo can perform well even in vehicle production. If Oppo has enough power, we will try it in the future,” supports the news.

Oppo’s plans for the electric vehicle market are still unclear. Will it produce its own vehicle as Xiaomi planned, or will it agree with existing manufacturers such as Huawei and provide technology support, we will see this in the future.

The company has many patents on autonomous driving technologies. It is also among the news that Chen met with battery manufacturer CATL, which is also the supplier of Tesla.


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