Realme C15, which uses 6000 mAh mega battery and 18W fast charging features together, takes its place as the latest example of the “Dare” mission of the brand.

This very special model with 57 days standby time includes Geometric Gradient Design, 8-core processor, 6.5 inch LCD Full Screen with high screen-to-body ratio and ultra-wide Quad Camera setup features.

Realme, one of the world’s top 7 smart phone manufacturers and having over 50 million users, constantly renews and develops the C Series as a brand that understands young people and takes into account the needs of young users. The brand focuses on young people with the C Series designed with features such as high battery life, ultra-wide screen and colorful design. realme C15 took its place on Vodafone shelves. Ready to meet with those waiting to be 230 × 12 months.

Ultra-Long Battery Life with 6000 mAh
With the 6000 mAh and 18W fast-charging smartphone C15, users can make uninterrupted phone calls for 44 hours and watch 26.8 hours of videos on YouTube. At the same time, the standby time of the phone is 57 days.

Super Power Saving Mode, which allows the device to operate in a power-saving state, ensures that the basic functions of the phone continue to be used thanks to six common applications. In Super Power Saving Mode, the device can stand by for 2.5 days and phone calls can be made for 2.48 hours when the battery is only 5% charged. The device provides users with APP Quick Freeze, which reduces the power usage of idle background apps, Screen Battery Optimization, which reduces some screen effects to increase phone continuity, and Sleep Standby Optimization, which allows the phone to run in a lower mode. offers good battery life experience.

In addition to the back cover made of hardened fireproof material, there is a power and temperature sensor on the C15 that allows the thermal state of the device to be monitored automatically. In this way, users do not have to worry about explosions or other accidents that may occur in daily use related to the battery. Users can charge the C15 with other smartphones and some AIoT products using the OTG data cable.

Since the device has a mega battery, it also makes a difference with its fast charging feature. realme C15 has 18W fast charging feature that can charge the battery 25% (approximately 1500 MAh) in 30 minutes. With the Super Power Saving Mode, you can watch videos on YouTube for about 8 hours or make more than 10 hours of phone calls.

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Versatile use
Designed to keep up with the endless energies of young people, the C15 visually meets expectations. The device is available in two different color options, Seagull White and Marina Blue, inspired by the endless blue sea and the seagulls flying over it. Thanks to the speaker positioned at the top of the screen, which is designed to be dustproof, the call quality is not affected due to dust-induced blockages. The screen, whose four corners are reinforced, effectively reduces the risk of breakage.

Realme C15, which makes its difference in the sector also expressed in designs, was designed with line angles in 3 different areas with mold partitioning, radium engraving and sandblasting technology. The mirror-level polishing process, which uses the industry-leading German five-axis precision radium engraving technology for various optical texture effects on the back, creates a smooth textured surface after 300 minutes of processing.

6.5-inch mini drop design and AI-powered Quad Camera setup
Realme C15, specially designed for young people, has an aesthetic, fast and trend-setting user interface suitable for the habits of young users. The C15, a powerful device with an eight-core MediaTek Helio G35 processor, whose main frequency reaches 2.3 GHz, offers an uninterrupted experience for daily used applications and games. The memory of the device, in which 2 Nano Sim Cards and 1 MicroSD card can be used at the same time, can be expanded with a MicroSD card up to 256 GB and allows more games, photos and files to be easily stored. The fingerprint sensor located on the back ensures the protection of personal information.

The device has a 6.5-inch ultra-large screen that offers an immersive visual experience thanks to its large battery. Thanks to the classic mini drop design, the screen / body ratio reaches 88.7%. The device offers visual effects from browsing the web to viewing photos and watching videos on YouTube.

Drawing attention with its extraordinary camera, the C15 offers more shooting methods with its 13 MP Quad Camera setup with artificial intelligence on the back, Super Nightscape Mode, 119 ° Ultra Wide Mode and Portrait Mode that provides hardware-level blurring effect. The device can take high resolution photos with movements in the 8 MP Selfie camera with f / 2.0 wide aperture.


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