South Korean technology giant Samsung continues to develop new camera sensors for smartphones. Smartphones with 200MP resolution will be released in the coming period.

Currently, smartphone cameras have sensors with a resolution of up to 108 million pixels, and these sensor technologies are also manufactured by Samsung. However, we can say that sensors with a resolution of more than 108MP will be released in 2021.

Samsung’s target is a 500 megapixel sensor
According to the latest information leaked, South Korean technology maker Samsung is preparing to announce a series of advanced ISOCELL sensors for smartphone cameras. It should be noted that among them is a 200-megapixel sensor. Considering that 108-megapixel cameras are often referred to as 100-megapixels, we can say that the actual resolution of Samsung’s new sensor will probably be 216 million pixels.

In addition to these news, Samsung previously talked about plans to create image sensors that could approach the human eye with their capabilities. The giant company has a “biological sensor” of the eye with a resolution of about 500 million pixels and plans to offer these camera sensors to users in the future. It is thought that ultra-high resolution image sensors can be very useful in machine vision systems, autonomous vehicle technologies and unmanned aerial vehicles.


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