Qualcomm introduces the new 5G processors that will hit the cheapest phones.

Qualcomm is one of the largest hardware manufacturers in the microprocessor segment. The best known by users is the famous Snapdragon that integrates mobile phones with the Android operating system in its majority. In the market it has a lot of variety for all the series it has, but the 700 and 800 are the most precious right now for their 5G connectivity, but these are dedicated to the higher ranges. But this will change forever with the arrival of a new processor: the Snapdragon 690.

This will be the maximum capabilities of the Snapdragon 690

Processors are the brains of smartphones. The capabilities of this and the components that can be used depend largely on them. If we go to the Qualcomm house there are current models that offer great capacities as we see in the highest range, but to obtain them it is necessary to pay a high price. However, the company has shown that soon it will not be necessary to spend a large amount of money for this thanks to its new processor.

Its name is Snapdragon 690, an 8 nanometer chip that provides great functionality for very little. There are 8 cores embedded inside it with which it is able to give you almost the possibilities of a premium range. What do we rely on to say this? As confirmed by the company itself, the chip allows screen refresh rates of up to 120 Hz with HDR and 4K display. In the lens section you will have a capacity of up to 192 MPX of high quality.

But where the chip really shines is in the connectivity section. Here the use of WiFi 6 stands out, the new standard of connection to a gateway to the Network. This will give an extremely high browsing speed if you are at home, but you will also have it on the street. The reason is that the Snapdragon 690 already has an integrated 5G antenna.

Cheaper 5G phones coming soon

Many companies are already working on their 5G phones, but we are not talking about those high-performance gadgets. There are already companies that are working on this chip, which is somewhat lower in performance than its older brothers with 5G, but that will undoubtedly bring the new standard to more users, lowering the cost of this technology considerably.


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