The increasing demand for affordable flagships in the smartphone market is quite high. Qualcomm, which is very pleased with this situation, does not miss the opportunity and comes up with the new chipset Snapdragon 870. This chipset, introduced by the US chip manufacturer, promises to bring cheaper phones than Snapdragon 888 models. Because in this period, users have completely turned their focus to affordable flagships.



Snapdragon 870 introduced

Qualcomm’s new chipset Snapdragon 870 is similar in feature to the Snapdragon 865, which powered flagship phones last year. The real change in this chipset compared to its predecessor is the use of an improved Kryo 585 core. On the other hand, one of the Super large cores of this processor runs at 3.2Ghz per hour. This is 100Mhz higher than the previous Snapdragon 865 Plus and 360Mhz higher than the Snapdragon 865.

On the other hand, in Snapdragon 870; There is a 5G chip with X55 band, which includes a large + three medium + four small-core CPU, Adreno 650GPU, FastConnect 6800 wireless subsystem, Spectra 480 ISP, Hexegon 698 DSP. At the same time, this chipset goes through a 7nm process.

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Snapdragon 870 users are already ready. According to the information received; Motorola, Xiaomi, OnePlus, iQOO and many manufacturers will start offering their Snapdragon 870 phones in the first quarter.

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