Anime characters A place to cry at ease


How many of us haven’t had our favorite character in an anime? Sometimes we spend hours following the adventures of certain protagonists and their friends, only for their creators to decide that it is time to kill them to advance the story. If you are one of those who cry when this happens, you may want to go to Thailand.

A museum in the city of Bangkok, Thailand, has an exhibition dedicated to various anime characters, where you can go and cry for your favorite, who has already left for the other world. Also, you should not worry about being judged, for being sad about a fictional character. Since, surely, everyone who attends will be the same as you.

Thailand: The capital of crying by anime

This curious gallery is the idea of ​​the Thai artist, Jinnipha Nivasabut, who decided to create it as a way to show her work and her interest in graphic art, particularly in oil painting. That is why the faces captured here have her style, but also characteristics that make them totally recognizable to anime fans.

On the walls of this museum in Thailand, we can see Jiraiya, Noctis Caelum, Sasha Blouse, and 50 other characters from anime and video games. What all of them have in common is that unfortunately they have already passed away in their respective stories.

In addition to being able to see your favorite characters again, each portrait has small cornices, in which you can leave flowers, drawings or some object that works as an offering, so that you show your respects. Also, if you want to cry for them, there will be nothing to stop you, nor will you be under judging eyes. You may even meet with a group to put together a rosary.

In addition to serving as a sample of her work, Nivasabut wanted to make this gallery in Thailand to delve into the subject of how the death of a fictional character can have a great impact on real humans. We believe that this is thanks to the writers who come to give us such endearing characters. Have you ever cried for a fictional character?


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