SNSD’s Taeyeon managed to top the iTunes chart in various countries with her new single.

On Monday (04/05) yesterday, Taeyeon finally released the song ‘HAPPY’ which was postponed for almost two months.

It hasn’t been 24 hours since it was released, now the song ‘HAPPY’ has succeeded in ranking first on the iTunes Top Songs chart in a total of 15 countries.

These countries include Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Macao, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Finland, Israel and Chile.

In addition Taeyeon also topped the music video chart on the QQ Music platform in China and the song ‘HAPPY’ managed to master the realtime music chart in South Korea only a matter of hours after it was released.

Congratulations to Taeyeon and fans!


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