The health of US President Donald Trump, which has been the subject of controversy since the first day, was reconsidered on Saturday, as it was viewed as he had trouble walking down the ramp and lifting the water glass.

Images interpreted by the President of the U.S. as having difficulty in using his hand, overshadowed his 74th birthday celebration today.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the West Point military academy, Donald Trump’s extreme careful descent from the platform ramp with his baby steps and his feet seeming unable to stand firmly brought along speculation of a disease that caused walking impairment.

Trump: The ramp was tall, upright and slippery

“The last thing I will do is ‘fall down’ so that I can make fun of the lying news. I reached the ground by running the last ten steps.”

He had never been able to drink water before

Trump’s inability to grasp the glass with one hand on the bench and take it to his mouth, and to drink water by lifting the glass with both hands, brought the jokes “He still couldn’t learn how to drink water”. The US President was also displayed in 2017 when he was having trouble drinking water from the glass and bottle.


Recent views have been instrumental in speculations that Trump, a 74-year-old neurologist, has suffered a stroke, and the #TrumpIsNotWell (Trump is not good) tag, which was opened by the opponents, has been among the most talked about.

Reviews that denied that the cause of the baby steps were problems with the ramp.

Water bender Biden

In the November 2020 presidential election, the photographs of Joe Biden, holding a glass with one hand and drinking lukewarm water, were shared with the Democratic Party as the presidential candidate.

A British government source for Trump, who had previously been caught in similar cases on British trips in 2017 and 2018, said he has “Batfobia,” referring to his fear of heights with hard landings.

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However, Trump’s health records, which have been viewed countless times while going up and down the stairs, are also open to the public.


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