Sofia Coppola, who completed the shooting of her last movie On the Rocks just before the corona virus wrapped the world, is reuniting for the series that will be adapted from The Custom of the Country by Apple and Edith Wharton.

Finally, Sofia Coppola, whose name was mentioned in the Cannes Film Festival with the 2017 film The Beguiled, which she won the Best Director Award, and the film On The Rocks, which she did not share details about, started to share the details of her new project, which will be in series format this time. Lost in Translation and Netflix production A Very Murray, the director who is lucky enough to complete the shooting of his new movie On the Rocks, which he reunited with Bill Murray just before Christmas, is a playboy with the son of a woman who is a young mother. will tell the story of calling his father

This movie, accompanied by Rashida Jones and Marlon Wayans, who we know from the Parks and Recreation series of Bill Murray, is also in an interesting position with being the first project prepared in partnership with Apple-A24. Rashida Jones portrays a woman who was a mother at a young age, while Bill Murray gives life to her libertine father. While we were wondering about the movie that we have not seen the slightest frame about, Coppola and Apple started talking about a new partnership. According to the news of Deadline, Sofia Coppola reunites with Apple for the series to be adapted from Edith Wharton’s novel The Custom of the Country.

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The Custom of the Country, which was accepted as one of the classics of American Literature and published for the first time in 1913, focuses on the interesting story of the character named Undine Spragg, which comes from the middle west of America and tries to rise in New York society. Undine, who took the cover of the socialite by marrying the not-so-rich son of a respected New York family, proves how certain he is in this regard with his actions to find a better wife and realize his plans to rise in society.

In 2014, Sony Pictures Television had an attempt to transfer this book to television with Scarlett Johansson, but the project was not able to reach any results. Explaining that her favorite anti-hero in the literary world is Undine Spragg, Sofia Coppola also expressed her excitement as she will take this character into the series world. Although the publication date and the cast of this series, which Sofia Coppola will write and direct, remains uncertain, it seems likely that we will see names from the previous works of the director.


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