Windows 7, the operating site that Microsoft launched in 2009, is still a quarter of the operating system market. Windows 7 is the second most used operating system worldwide.

Windows 7, one of the operating systems released by Microsoft and widely accepted by users, was launched in 2009. The popular operating system of a period left the main support behind in January 2015 and entered the extended support phase. Windows 7 users continued to receive critical security patches, bug fixes and technical support for free for 5 years.

The extended support process of the operating system also ended in January this year. Although users of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise continue to receive extended support updates, they have to pay per device for these updates. Professional version users pay $ 50, Enterprise users pay $ 25, and these amounts are increasing every year.

Windows 7 remains popular:

Windows 7 continues to remain popular among users, despite not receiving security patches and being vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to NetMarketShare data, Windows 7 constitutes 24.28% of the market as of May 2020.

The market share of Windows 7 a year ago, in May 2019, was 35.44%. The 10% drop experienced is not bad for an operating system over the age of 10, even though security updates have been discontinued. So why are people not leaving an operating system that came out 10 years ago? One of the reasons people don’t switch to modern operating systems is their privacy concerns; the other is the problematic updates of Windows 10.

Of course, while Windows 7 still has a quarter of its market share, Windows 10 continues to grow its market share. The market share of Windows 10 has reached 57.83%. In addition, Microsoft announced that the number of devices using Windows 10 on a global scale has exceeded 1 billion last March.


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