It was revealed that Microsoft’s cloud and email source code, which was affected by the SolarWinds attack, was leaked.

Although the company stated that some unimportant files were accessed, the scale of the attack is not fully understood yet.

Cyber ​​attackers who infiltrated the software update of SolarWinds company’s network traffic control software, managed to infiltrate the systems of many technology giants and government institutions, especially Microsoft and Intel. Although victims insist on denied access to user data, the attack is growing in scale.

SolarWinds is about to go down in history
SolarWinds, which is considered one of the most important hacking incidents in the recent period due to its sophisticated attack style, is being investigated by both the companies themselves and the federal units. New information emerges as it is investigated.

It is believed that the incident, which affected about 100 technology companies and 9 federal institutions, actually reflected around 18000 units. Attackers tried to access hidden files after the update was installed. In general, it is stated that internal correspondence is reached, but there is no problem.

Microsoft was also one of the companies that received the first news. Stating that the source code was leaked, Microsoft stated that there was no problem. According to the latest information, the attackers managed to penetrate the Azure cloud infrastructure, Intune cloud management platform and Exchange source codes. It is emphasized that the attackers allegedly supported by Russia accessed some junk files. Apart from that, there was no problem.

Although it is insistently claimed that user data is not affected, it is understood that the attackers infiltrated the systems in October-November and remained unnoticed for a while. It is not possible to say what else they did or what they got during this time.


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