SolarWinds, a US information technology management company based in Austin, Texas, was hacked last week. This attack is estimated to originate from Russia. It has been learned that many US ministries as well as some technology companies such as Cisco, Intel, Nvidia, Belkin and VMware were affected by the attack.

The effects of the SolarWinds hack are not entirely clear

Malware infected computers were detected on the networks of institutions and companies affected by the attack. SolarWinds stated that around 18,000 companies may have been affected. However, at this stage, large companies that are thought to be affected by the attack state that they are investigating the situation but think they are not adversely affected. However, it can take a long time to understand the exact effects of such attacks. Also, it is very difficult to be certain that the attack has been dumped.

The discovery of another group infiltrating SolarWinds using a similar vulnerability indicates that the effects of the attack will continue for a while. Initially, this second attack, called Supernova, was thought to be part of the first attack. However, it was understood that it was carried out by a group completely independent from the first attack.

A hacking group may have committed such an attack for many reasons, such as capturing the company’s product and employee information. However, in this attack, the situation can reach much more advanced dimensions as government agencies and various large technology companies are infiltrated through the information technology management system provided by SolarWinds to its customers.


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