Details of the SolarWinds attack on Microsoft in the past days are becoming clear. The company said in a statement that the hackers had access to Microsoft source code.

Microsoft previously announced that it found malicious SolarWinds software on their systems. The company continued to investigate the case, and Microsoft said in a recent statement that the hackers managed to increase access to its internal network and gain access to the small number of internal accounts they use to access Microsoft source code repositories.

‘Source codes viewed only’
Microsoft says hackers can view source code in a number of source code repositories, but the hacked account providing this type of access does not have permission to modify any code or system. In other words, the captured accounts only had permission to view the code.

In a statement from Microsoft: “Our research revealed that activities were attempted in our environment beyond the mere presence of malicious SolarWinds code. This activity did not compromise the security of our services or any customer data. We detected unusual activity in a small number of internal accounts, and after investigation, an account We discovered that it was used to view a number of source code in the source code repository. The account did not have permission to modify any code or engineering systems, and our research also confirmed that no changes were made. These accounts were investigated and corrected. ” statements took place.

While Microsoft pointed to a very sophisticated nation-state actor as criminal, the US government and cyber security officials accused Russia of being the chief architects of the general SolarWinds attack. The company continues its research.


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