In Russia Today, the latest crypto move of the payment giant PayPal was discussed. Finance commentators have suggested that altcoins entering PayPal will make serious leaps.

Ben Swann, the famous presenter and investigative journalist of the financial program Boom Bust published in Russia Today, has put forward the allegations that PayPal, the payment giant, with its guests, plans to offer cryptocurrency trading services.

As we reported a few days ago, it has been suggested that PayPal, which has over 325 million users worldwide, is preparing to offer cryptocurrency trading and custody services. Allegations in the news, based on anonymous sources, have strengthened after PayPal has opened a job posting in which it looks for a crypto engineer.

While talking about this, Swann drew attention to PayPal’s huge user base, according to Coinbase and Binance. The main thing is which crypto coins PayPal will list.

Swann thinks that any altcoin that PayPal will list besides Bitcoin will experience a serious increase in value. Famous television player, “Altcoin entering the PayPal platform is rapidly gaining value.” commented.

Another expert in the program, former JPMorgan trader, Christia Ai, underlined that it can be really difficult to implement altcoin listing in terms of legal approval and business development.

It is stated that PayPal will activate the feature in 3 months. It is considered that after the company started to provide such a service, it could take the leadership from Coinbase especially in America. Coinbase has over 30 million users worldwide today.


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