Directors, agencies and now cinemas have started to react after Warner Bros.’s surprise decision regarding the films to be released in 2021.

Warner Bros., one of the largest film studios in the world, has decided to publish all of its films to be released in 2021 on the same day as the cinema on the video streaming platform HBO Max. This decision was met with reaction from many parties.

Following this surprise decision, the first big reaction came from Christopher Nolan, followed by reactions from some agencies that they would not work with Warner Bros again, and lastly, Denis Villeneuve said this decision could block a possible Dune series. Now a reaction comes from the cinemas in America.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, some cinemas in America, Warner Bros. He thinks of not leaving any earnings to Warner Bros, by reducing the ticket prices of his movies to $ 3-5 and taking the majority of the earnings.

Warner Bros. has made a serious breakthrough in the film industry, but it seems that the film industry has not yet been open to such a situation.


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