Some images were leaked from the Battlefield 6 trailer, which is expected to be released in June.

New information continues to be leaked about Battlefield 6, one of the most curious games of this year. With the announcement made in the past weeks, some images allegedly belonging to the trailer of the game, which is indicated to be introduced in June, have emerged.

Two different scenes meet us in the leaked images. Although the first video is not clearly visible because of the black stripe, the rocket launch scene previously subject to leaks welcomes us in this video. However, the new Battlefield game appears more clearly in the other video.

If we examine this video, we see that there is a robot similar to the robots developed by Boston Dynamics in the game. Apart from that, dynamic weather events and collapse mechanics are also briefly mentioned in the leaked fragment image.

While the countdown for the Battlefield 6 trailer continues, Tom Henderson, one of the industry’s reliable sources, also pointed out that these leaked images make up about 80 percent of the trailer to be released. This means that almost the entire trailer of the game has been leaked.


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