The Apple iPad Pro, which has a 10.5-inch display , was released in June 2017 . Since that day, until the last few weeks, any device on software or hardware problems had emerged. But according to the posts of some users on Apple ‘s official forum page, iPad Pro has a bootloop problem.

iPad Pro is facing bootloop issue

A 10.5-inch iPad Pro user recently wrote that the device restarts every 30 to 45 seconds , even though no apps are open . Allegedly, this issue began to occur with the iPadOS 13.4.1 update. Another iPad user with the same model reported that he had the problem of starting over with the new update he installed in April.

This week, the topics on the same topic started to increase in the forum. One of the 11-inch iPad Pro users claimed that they faced the problem of restarting every 10 minutes . According to the report, updating or rebooting the device did not solve the problem either. While some iPad Pro users recommend hard reset to the device , there are also users who do not solve the problem after hard reset.

It is also claimed that the iPadOS 13.5 update released this week has also not addressed the iPad Pro bootloop issue. There is no clear information about whether Apple is aware of the problem and why only some users experience it. However, it is not clear whether the problem is related to the iPadOS 13.4.1 update.

Many users are very responsive to this situation, as this problem makes the devices unusable. An official statement from Apple is expected soon.


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