LG, which ceased production of phones and announced that it will withdraw from the smartphone market, may continue to update some of its phones.


Brand new developments continue to occur in the smartphone market day by day. As users from all over the world continue their lives with different phone models, brand new details emerge. While the place of smart phones in our lives continues to increase day by day, new phone models also appear in the market. The OPPO brand is also preparing to unveil the Reno6 series soon. The LG brand announced today that it will withdraw from the smartphone market. The company, which produces phone models that marked a period, has suffered a lot in recent years and could not meet the expectations of its users.

The company, which announced that it will withdraw from the smartphone market until July 31, seems to be clarifying a question that users also have in mind. Millions of LG phone users began to investigate whether their devices would receive updates anymore after hearing that the company would withdraw from the market. We followed the issue and managed to reach the answer to this question that confused users. The company will likely continue to keep phones up to date.

LG Phones May Keep Getting Updates

The company, which is expected to continue releasing software updates for its phones, including Android 12, will officially withdraw from the smartphone market in July 2021. The company, which has come to the fore with claims that it will release updates based on Android 11, can also offer the highly anticipated Android 12 update to its users. The company, which has not made any statements on the subject yet, will probably resolve many confusing problems in the coming period.


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