Son Ye Jin and Lee Sun Kyun could make their Hollywood debut in a science fiction movie titled Cross.

Cross’s plot unfolds in the future and focuses on the history of a multi-racial country that is divided into two regions, one rich and one poor, and people caught in the middle of both.

Son Ye Jin could star in the film alongside Hollywood actor Sam Worthington, who has worked on hit movies like Avatar. Son Ye Jin has been offered to give life to Vera, a tough woman who lives in poor territory. Her husband dies trying to cross the border and has to raise her son alone.

Son Ye Jin’s agency has not yet confirmed the actress’ participation in the film, but she has assured that she is studying the offer to work in Cross in a very positive way.

Lee Sun Kyun, who worked on the critically acclaimed film Parasites, has been offered a role as a border control chief in Cross. According to his agency HODU & U Entertainment, the actor is reviewing the offer positively, but has not yet made a decision regarding it.

Cross will be directed by screenwriter, director and producer Andrew Niccol and production of the film is slated to begin in March 2021.

Would you like to see Son Ye Jin and Lee Sun Kyun in this Hollywood production?


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