Song Mino Wants to Escape from Heartbreak Memories in the Comeback Solo MV ‘Run Away’. MV ‘Run Away’ Released Today, Friday (30/10) October At 6 PM KST. The MV looks very cool with a futuristic nuance. Many Graphic Animations That Can Be Seen In The MV.

One member Winner (II), Song Min Ho (Mino) has finally made his long-awaited solo comeback. The rapper has just released his full solo album, entitled “Take”. Along with that, he also released a cool MV for his main song, “Run Away”.

The MV “Run Away” was released today, Friday (30/10) October at 6 p.m. KST. The MV looks really cool with a futuristic feel. Many graphic animations can be seen in the MV. Besides, fans can see Mino’s acting skills.

“Run away” is the title song with a cool verse and a strong hook. The song tells about someone’s desire to escape from the shadow of a past heartbreak. The music video features a cameo appearance by fellow Winner member Kang Seung Yoon.

Mino’s solo comeback album is known to contain 12 songs. Mino is known to have participated in composing and writing lyrics for all 12 songs, including the title song “Run Away”. He has worked with hit producers such as Kang Uk Jin, Diggy, Future Bounce, AiRPLAY, and many more.

What caught the fans’ attention the most was the return of the MOBB duo group consisting of Mino and Bobby iKON. The two of them will be singing the 3rd track from the album titled “Ok Man”. In addition, Mino also took Zion. T to collaborate on the song “Wa”.

Mino also collaborated with Meenoi for the song “I Want To” and DPR Live for the song “Hop In”. Finally, Mino and rapper BewhY will collaborate on the 10th track of the album titled “Book Store”.

This release will mark Mino’s first solo comeback in approximately 2 years. The Rapper Winner last released his first complete solo album titled “XX” released in 2018.

Winner itself made their last comeback with their 3rd full album titled “Remember” which was released last April. The album “Remember” was released after Kim Jin Woo enlisted in the army. Meanwhile Lee Seung Hoon also left for the army after Jin Woo. The leader, Kang Seung Yoon himself is currently busy preparing for his drama “Kairos”.


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