A new animated series of Sonic, one of the most popular names in both the game world and the animation world, is coming. You can find the details in our news.

Sonic, whose first play was released in 1991 and entered our lives in this way, has seen many successful unsuccessful series and film adaptations in his 30-year adventure. A new one has been added to these adaptations in the past hours.

A few months ago, the announcement was made on the Netflix official Twitter account, but a few minutes later the sharing was deleted. That’s why this announcement didn’t come as a surprise. The name of this announced new 3D Sonic animation is Sonic Prime.

The animation will be produced by WildBrain Studios, known for its adaptation of the Mega Man series. There is also a group called Man of Action on the development side. They also worked on Ultimate Spider-Man, which was released in 2012. The three-dimensional animation called Sonic Prime is also expected to be released on Netflix in 2022.



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