Sony Alpha 1, equipped with high-end features, was announced. So, how are the Sony Alpha 1 features and price?

Alpha 1, a fast and 50 MP high resolution digital camera capable of shooting with 30 FPS, was announced by Sony. In addition, the product has the ability to shoot 8K videos. Here are the features of Sony Alpha 1.

Sony Alpha 1 Features
Using a stacked CMOS sensor and a pair of new Bionz XR processors, the A1 can provide silent, blackout-free images at up to 30 FPS. Despite having twice as many pixels as the A9, the product promises 1.5 times less aperture. This allows flash synchronization up to 1/200 second with the electronic shutter or up to 1/400 second using the mechanical shutter.

The A1 can shoot 8K video up to 30p in full width. When using all horizontal pixels, 8.6K images are captured and the image is reduced to 8K for improved resolution. 8K footage can be taken using XAVC HS format up to 10-bit 4: 2: 0. The camera uses a heat dissipation design similar to the a7S III, allowing 8K recording for up to 30 minutes if temperature alerts are set to the most tolerant setting.

The new model is also notable for being the first Sony camera to offer lossless compressed RAW. Additionally, it is possible to shoot in HEIF format for 10 bit compressed capture. The A1 uses a pair of CFExpress Type-A card slots that also accept SD cards like those on the A7S III.

The in-body image stabilization system of the camera is rated at 5.5 EV like previous cameras. This system is also used to offer a 4 or 16 shot high resolution mode and allows images of up to 199MP to be combined using Sony’s Imaging Edge desktop software.

The A1 takes autofocus ahead of a9 cameras and offers 92 percent coverage. Also, Real-time Eye AF is now expanded to work with animals and humans as well as birds. The number of AF and AE calculations it can do also increases to 120 per second, which is twice the performance of the a9.

The camera also has a 9.44M dot OLED viewfinder refreshed for up to 240 FPS. The faster mode still offers a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels (5.76M dots). The viewfinder has an impressive 0.9x magnification and an eyepoint of 25mm. This allows the visor to be seen even while wearing glasses.

Like the A7S III, the product can shoot 4K in 10-bit 4: 2: 2 quality up to 120p. It also uses 5.8K pixels in Super 35 (~ APS-C) mode. The camera can also output 16-bit RAW video over HDMI, offering the S-Log 3 curve that promises 15 stops of DR in the video, as well as S-Gamut3 and S-Gamut3.Cine color modes that match Sony’s output of professional camcorders. The A1 also stands out as the first Alpha camera to offer S-Cinetone color response.

It has been promised 3.5 times the speed offered by the a9 II with dual band Wi-Fi, which allows FTP transfers in cases where photos need to be sent immediately. For this, it is expected to use a new Xperia Pro smartphone, HDR monitor or 5G transmitter. Note that there is also an Ethernet port for wired connections.

Sony Alpha 1 price and release date
Alpha 1, with a price tag of about 7,300 euros, will be available in March.


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