The brand reinforces its range of “True Wireless” style headphones with the WF-SP800N model, resistant to water and dust.

Since Apple opened the ban with its innovative AirPods, the category of Wireless earbuds has become very popular, especially for comfort – there are no cables that hang and pair to devices via Bluetooth – which has made them ideal for day to day and for that little bit of Fitness that we try to find. And Sony is one of those that bets on this type of helmets, presenting today its new headphones.

Sony True Wireless WF-SP800N
With a three-dimensional curved design and soft padded arch, the Sony WF-SP800N headphones ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Whether you are running to catch the train or on the treadmill, your headphones will stay in place. In fact, and with Fitness in mind, helmets are IP55 rated and resistant to water and dust. You can even wash them after training.

With a single full charge, the case the earphones come in allows you to enjoy up to 18 hours of music playback with noise cancellation enabled and up to 26 hours without it. If you’re in a hurry, a 10-minute quick charge gives you up to 60 minutes of music playback. The WF-SP800N mounts the same Bluetooth chip inherited from the WF-1000XM3 wireless headphones and its optimized design antenna, ensuring a stable, high-quality connection.

Noise Cancellation
Their most prominent feature, the WF-SP800N includes the latest noise cancellation technology to block out all sounds from wherever we are, thus avoiding unwanted distractions such as noise from the street, office or gym. You will only hear what is playing through the headphones, which have the free app “Sony | Headphones Connect” to customize the experience to your liking. The equalizer of the application allows you to customize the sound level to suit your music and activities.

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The Ambient Sound mode of the WF-SP800N allows you to control the sounds you want to let in, and customize the ambient sound settings according to your preferences, from level 0 to level 20, using the Sony Connect app. The headphones also mount 360 Reality Audio technology, an audio experience that uses spatial audio technology to create an immersive, object-based sound field.

Touch control and price
Smart control technology allows you to play, stop, skip music, and adjust volume simply by placing your finger on the right earcup. Turn the music down to listen around you by placing your finger on the left earpiece. The quick attention function lowers the volume and lets in the ambient sound. This allows you, for example, to speak instantly to someone without removing your headphones.

Available from next July and in three colors -black, white and blue-, the WF-SP800N model will have an approximate price of 200 euros.


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