Sony recently agreed with Firewalk Studios to prepare a multiplayer game for PlayStation consoles. You can find the details in our news.

As you know, Sony’s game console PlayStation differs from other platforms with games specific to its own console and is one of the reasons why players prefer it. Recently, Sony has agreed with a new studio to prepare a special game for PlayStation.

As you know, most of PlayStation’s exclusive games are single player story-driven games. However, we can say that the latest studio agreed by Sony shows that PlayStation wants to be active on the multiplayer side as well as single-player games.

Sony recently announced that it has agreed with Firewalk Studios to prepare a multiplayer game. Unfortunately, no details about the game have been shared. This new game will be AAA, meaning it will be high-budget and will be a PlayStation exclusive game.

The founders and leaders of the studio that developed the game are successful names who have worked on games such as Destiny and Halo. The head of the studio is Tony Hsu and the producer is Elena Siegman. The first details of the game will be shared in the upcoming period.

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