Sony has renewed its line of Bluetooth Extra Bass portable speakers. The devices gained fuller sound, longer battery life and two of the three models are still impact resistant.

As a main feature, these speakers have a sound proposal with rich bass and high fidelity. In the 2020 generation, Sony decided to improve them further, repositioning passive radiators on the sides of the devices, or on the top and bottom (model XB23).

To achieve even more powerful and clearer bass, the company used non-circular diaphragms. In models XB23 and XB33, they have an oval shape, while in XB43, they are more rectangular.

The speakers have a 3D stereo sound feature, which gives the impression of “live” sound, in addition to being IP67 certified, which protects them from dust, water splashes and rust. The XB23 and XB33 models are also shockproof, a very useful feature for portable speakers.

The XB43 model uses a bidirectional speaker, which combines a woofer and a tweeter, which promotes more sound fidelity.

The models XB33 and XB43 bring the same lighting system presented in the previous generation, but now the lighting has been redesigned and has two light bars on the front sides, expanding the lighting of the speakers. This feature is compatible with Sony’s Fiestable and Music Center apps, which allow synchronization of lighting to the beat of the music.

The devices are also compatible with Party Connect, which connects up to 100 speakers that support this feature. The result is music spread across multiple environments.

In terms of autonomy, the XB33 and XB43 models offer up to 24 hours of music on a single charge, while the XB23 can hold up to 12 hours.

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Pricing and availability
The SRS-XB23, SRS-XB33 and SRS-XB43 are already pre-sold on Sony’s official website in the USA, for the respective amounts of US $ 100, US $ 150 and US $ 250. The company did not inform the sound power of the devices, even when they arrive in stores.

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