According to the news of the Games Industry, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan made a statement that could upset users about the price of the new PlayStation 5. Let’s see the details together.

In an interview with Japan-based technology giant Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan stated that the new game console will host innovation with many technologies and it is extremely important that something should be brought to the PlayStation family regardless of the technology to be brought. He added that new experiences can only be enjoyable on PlayStation 5.

In addition, the CEO of the tech giant, Ryan, also made a statement about the price of the new PlayStation model, which his fans are waiting excitedly and impatiently.

PlayStation 5 will not be affordable:

Stating that the pricing of the new game console will reflect the company’s price policy about the introduction and pricing of the new PlayStation model, which is highly anticipated in the interview, CEO Ryan stated that the users still do not expect a very low price, and that users should consider the game quality, sales prices and many other innovations that the console will offer. added. Apparently, although PlayStation 5 is not affordable, it will definitely be a successful price / performance device.

In the light of the statements made by the authorities from Sony’s PlayStation unit last night, we know that the new generation game console will be introduced on June 4. Completely online launch is expected to take over an hour, and the launch will be a first in PS history.

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In addition, many of us are not strangers to the hardware and remote control technologies on the console, but according to Sony, the most important innovation for the new PlayStation will be the new console games that will be released with the launch of the console. The company will also offer new games to users as soon as it is released for sale. Finally, Sony states that these games will be the best in the game industry, and each game is developed by studios around the world.

If the new PS5 is expensive, would you still buy it? Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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