Sony has patented a system that can automatically make difficult or easy enemy AIs more balanced for you.

The difficulty of the games is inevitably a matter of great importance for the players. Likewise, it is a challenging process for game developers. Recently, Sony has patented a new system for the challenge of games on PlayStation 5.

This system, patented in the past hours, is a system that changes the difficulty of the game for you using machine learning. For example, in a game, you come to one of the bosses and you have a hard time. Thanks to this new system, the game will bring the difficulty to the most appropriate difficulty for you by looking at your data while playing the game.

Likewise, this system may increase the difficulty for you. For example, in Demon’s Souls you encountered a boss and learned how to move against him. The game will change the difficulty of the game for you and you will encounter enemies who react a little faster to your actions. The part of changing the difficulty here; What is “easy” is not raising or lowering the difficulty to Normal. It will mostly shape the movements of the NPCs in the game according to your data.

Sony will probably not be able to use this system in third-party games, but we can see it in their own games in the coming years. Thanks to this system, we can encounter much more enjoyable games in terms of gameplay. Let us remind you that it will take at least a few years to see this system.


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