No one knows that Sony is involved in various fields other than smartphones. The Japanese technology giant, which has made a great name in the gaming industry, has become the favorite of the user with its PlayStation consoles. We can say that these consoles, which have a history of 20-25 years, are now indispensable. Although Sony renews its new PlayStation every few years, users manage to stay loyal to this company. However, this year Sony made a decision that would disappoint its users. Because the incoming news shows that the end of the road is now coming for PlayStation 4.



Now the end of the road for PlayStation 4

As you know, Sony recently released its new weapon, the PlayStation 5 model. This console, whose cost is slightly higher than its predecessors, was able to finish stocks in the first week. Of course, the arrival of the new console is the biggest indicator that the old one is now obsolete. As such, the manufacturer discontinues the production of the old consoles and directs the user to buy the new console. Here’s what we’re talking about is exactly based on PlayStation 4. According to the information received, the Japanese manufacturer decided to unplug the PlayStation 4, which won everyone’s love. Of course, the main reason for this decision is due to the launch of the PlayStation 5.

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According to the information, Sony will first terminate a few models of PlayStation 4. These are respectively; The PS4 will consist of 500GB Glacier White, PS4 1TB Jet Black, PS4 1TB Glaicer White, PS4 2TB Jet Black and PS4 Pro TB Glaicer White. In other words, their production will be stopped and they cannot be bought from any store as zero.

So how do you guys find this decision? PS5 has just been introduced. So do you think it’s normal to unplug the PS4 in such a short time? Indicate in the comments.


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