In a promotional image, the company has shown in detail what the new generation console would look like “knocked down” in its two versions, digital and physical.

Until now, since the PS5 case was first presented at the online event organized by Sony a few days ago, all the promotional focus of the official images has been taken by the console placed vertically, with a suitable support to stabilize it. Due to its rounded shapes and general design, there were some doubts about whether the console was intended to be horizontal, but those doubts were quickly dispelled in the final trailer of the event, when a “knocked down” version of the new console appeared briefly.

Now we find the first promotional images of the company clearly showing the console, in its two aspects, placed horizontally. It must be remembered that PS5 will come out in two models, one without a disc reader, exclusively designed for the digital world; and another with a Blu-Rays reader for those who do not want to give up physical support. In particular it is the latter, with a more curved and asymmetric design that raised doubts at first glance, although it can already be seen that there is no greater problem in alternating between positions, something that has been a constant since the launch of PS2. It remains to be seen, however, the size of the machine, for which official data is not yet known, although there are some speculations based on the size of certain components that seem to point to a considerable size.

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A tradition since PS2

The truth is that the most popular consoles up to PS2 did not support different ways of positioning. Consoles like NES, Mega Drive, Super Nes or the original Playstation had a fixed position, thought of as a main board on which other components were accommodated, surrounded by a casing. PS2 was not only sold as a video game console, but as a fundamental piece in the living room, capable of combining the video game with the cinema thanks to an affordable DVD, at a very competitive price for the time. Given that feature and a willingness to have the system preside over the living room rather than being banished in the “game room,” the original PS2 could be put in both ways to make it easier to fit into all kinds of furniture – and could even be move the Playstation symbol to make it look good on any of them. Since then it has become commonplace in all models of the console, something that is maintained with this fifth iteration.

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