Sony has launched two new premium wireless speakers called RA5000 and RA3000. One of the speakers released by the company attracts attention with its resemblance to an electric shaver.

Japanese tech giant Sony has launched two new premium wireless smart speakers, RA5000 and RA3000. The most striking feature of the model named RA5000 is that it resembles an electric shaver in design.

Both speakers offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. It should also be noted that they can work with Immersive Audio Enhancement and 360 Reality Audio modes, which are designed to improve the sound experience at home.

Sony’s new speakers have the ability to automatically adjust the volume by analyzing each track. They don’t have built-in voice assistants but they are compatible with almost all assistants.

European prices announced
The RA5000 comes with Hi-Res Audio certification. It has three upright speakers, three side speakers and a subwoofer. Thanks to its moisture resistance, RA3000 is ideal for use in the bathroom or kitchen. Thanks to its compact size and small footprint, you can fit it almost anywhere you want.

European prices for the speakers have also been announced. The RA5000 model will be sold for 500 euros. Those who want to buy RA3000 will have 359 euros out of pocket.


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